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in general

I would'nt be bold enough to call me a photographer, I'm a snapshooter. Fascinated by the theory since childhood, my praxis did'nt start until I bought my "Digital IXUS" in the year 2000. As a photographical late bloomer, I'm delighted all the more, when I find a "not so bad" picture in my tons of fotos.
Since summer 2006, my new "Canon Powershot S3 I" enables me now to try practical, all the things I wanted to do with my analoge SLR "Practica" 20 years ago.

Stereo-Photography (3D)

2001 a whole new 3D-world embraced me with my new ELSA-Revelator 3D-glases. Motivated by the possibility to experience the third dimension at my monitor, I started stereo-photography. But after upgrading to Windows-XP I got problems with the drivers, and finaly after replacing my CRT with a TFT, the glases became useless. It was only by an old habit, that I took stereopairs off and on, but without joining or adjusting them.
Now, at the beginning of 2007 I came back to 3D, stimulated by Fotocommunity. When I found, that I could'nt dislocate my eyes enough to get a stereo-impression by cross- or parallel-look, without serious braindamage, I bought me anaglyph-glasses. The effect of those was so fascinating, that I digged for my old and some newer stereopairs and uploaded them to my first 3D-Gallery.

In the meantime, I found, that many peoples are more gifted then I, when it comes to eye-twisting. So I'm starting to convert to "StereoPhoto Maker" plugin. With this, all fractions should get theyr's money worth.

By the way, the right picture already is such an anglyph, and should be watched with red/cyan-glasses therefore.